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James Li

James Li

Project Manager

James manages the software technologies cluster at the Impact Centre, providing support to ICT-related Techno startups, training undergraduates in app development, working on in-house projects, and carrying out system administration. His other role is in coordinating international partnership opportunities, particularly in China and southeast Asia. He has served in project management roles in the delivery of industry-academic collaborative projects and contracts.

Prior to joining the Impact Centre in 2012, James worked at a startup using nanomaterials for the agricultural sector. He holds a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science and a Ph.D. in Chemistry, both from the University of Toronto. He is a specialist in surface probe microscopy, and his research focused on mechanical and electronic properties of self-assembled systems. He has authored over 10 peer-reviewed publications including work in collaboration with NRC Steacie Institute, Université Catholique de Louvain, Max Planck Institute, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

In addition to his technical background, James brings to the Impact Centre a diverse set of programming, management support and consulting experiences. He gained industry experience in the Cleantech sector at Electrovaya, with work focusing on electric vehicles and other applications for advanced batteries. He has also collaborated on projects with clients including NASA, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, and Natural Resources Canada.

Email: jli@imc.utoronto.ca

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