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How does the Impact Centre work?

The Impact Centre is about bringing science to society. We support the conversion of university knowledge into real products and services. In doing so, we aim to provide an easy way for our industry clients to work with the university. We use our Connector System to provide a number of options for joint R&D projects, industry partnerships, and services, including writing applications for additional government funding, introduction to academic partners, graduate students and innovative solutions rooted in university research.

What is the core expertise of the Impact Centre?

We have many different areas of expertise, but our core strength is within the natural science and engineering. We have done it all; we have supported the lighting sector, developed advanced materials for chemistry companies, prototyped medical devices, built instruments, developed coatings for different industries, engineered diagnostics based on synthetic biology approaches and have many more areas of expertise.

We have the capacity to deliver technical solutions in-house, or through our wide network of academic partners complementing our core expertise. Contact us to see how we can help you!

Or find an expert to solve any problem. Challenge us!

What is an industry cluster?

Industry clusters are collections of interconnected stakeholders in a defined geographic area that share supply chains, markets, technologies, or labour pools. Our clusters include local firms as well as relevant members of our ecosystem, e.g., academic partners and new ventures.

Why joining our industry clusters?

We aim to facilitate growth of new products, technologies and ventures through our cluster activities to benefit the Canadian economy and society. Through our event offerings, and cluster network we foster connections, knowledge and information exchange to create mutual benefits for cluster members.

How can my company support the Impact Centre?

There are many different options to partner with us, sponsor a specific event, a start-up, a person, a piece of equipment, a room or even a establish a fellowship to support research in specific areas. If your company would like to support the Impact Centre or some of our initiatives and activities, please contact us.


What is Techno?

Techno is an intensive program for scientists and engineers who want to create technology-based companies. Techno participants are aspiring entrepreneurs with strong scientific expertise, often at the (post) graduate level. Within our month-long program, we guide our students to build their companies. Through Techno we support on average 20 or more companies to establish sustainable, technology based businesses. Our entrepreneurs are leaders in Canada’s start-up scene.

How can I apply to Techno?

Techno is a year-round training program with an intensive week-long hands-on workshop component in June. We have an open application form for individuals and teams who are interested in joining Techno. All applications are carefully reviewed and an interview may be requested prior to enrolment.

What does the Impact Centre expect in return? Do you take equity?

The Impact Centre does not take equity. We do not expect monetary return. Yet, we expect you to be serious about building a company and also passionate about using your knowledge to create benefits to society.

I want to learn about entrepreneurship, what courses can I take?

A comprehensive list of our course offerings and their prerequisites can be found here.

The Impact Centre additionally offers special seminar series, workshops and event. Please find our upcoming activities here.

I want to gain experience in working with or in a start-up. Can the Impact Centre help?

Learn more about our Work Integrated Learning programs.

How can I stay in touch?

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