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The Research Readiness Program of the Impact Centre is for students who are new to research, or who would like to get ready for research. It helps students be more efficient as they enter the research lab. While research topics and techniques are very diverse, there are a number of skills that all successful researchers need to master, and which are not taught in undergraduate courses.

This program, condensed to 2 days at the beginning of the summer, teaches the necessary concepts that will be used in a research career, making sure that students are ready to hit the ground running when they start in the research lab. This interactive workshop will help understand the research environment, and also to form a community among students from various science and engineering departments with similar goals.

This program is CCR (Co-curriculuar record) Approved. Students will earn CCR credits by attending both days.

Specific topics and activities include:

  • The scientific process and its impact
  • Review of basic lab safety
  • The scientific literature and how to search it
  • Record keeping in research
  • Scientific communications: publications and presentations
  • Patents
  • Signals, noise, data analysis
  • Networking among scientists
  • Reflections on the research process

The detailed curriculum is available here.

The program is open to all undergraduate students doing research in the physical, mathematical and life sciences, and in engineering.


Emanuel Istrate
Academic Program Coordinator at the Impact Centre
eistrate at imc dot utoronto dot ca

Dates and times

  • Research Readiness Program is not offered in 2018.

Registration is Closed

Due to high demand, registration is now closed.

CCR Approved
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