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On being a science journalist – by Emily Chung, CBC.

Sharpen your pencils and your mind and let’s get creative with some practical tips and in-class exercises to get your writing juices flowing.


Are you an undergraduate curious to know what Science Journalists are and what they actually do all day?

(this talk is open to the public for registration)


Informed career choices: Learn about Science Journalism

March 3, 2015,  5:00 –7:00 pm

Room 103, McLennan Physical Laboratories, University of Toronto

Cost: free. Registration required. Please register bellow.


5:00 – 6:00 pm “A behind-the-scenes look at science journalism”

Emily will share how she became a science journalist and what it’s like to work in a newsroom.


6:00 – 7:00 pm “Building skills for science journalism”

Emily will give you some helpful tips on how to produce a great science story.

You will also get a chance to practice some science journalism skill-building exercise.


About Emily Chung

Emily ChungEmily Chung is a veteran of science writing, having worked for several news agencies including the Toronto Star, the Vancouver Sun, and, for the last 8 years, the CBC. She has also produced segments on the radio show Quirks & Quarks with Bob McDonald.

Emily has won numerous awards for her work, one of which included a ride on board the Amundsen Arctic scientific research ship. She is also on the board of the Canadian Science Writers’ Association.

Throughout her career, Emily has written on a wide range of science topics from space exploration, to genetics issues of reviving extinct animals, to incorporating photovoltaics in art displays, to the politics of scientific funding and scientist muzzling.

Emily Chung received her B.Sc. in chemistry and biology from Western University. She then completed her Ph.D. in chemistry at UBC. Throughout her chemical education, Emily took media-related courses to learn about journalism.


McLennan Physical Laboratories at the University of Toronto is located at 60 St. George Street. See map for directions.


About Informed

A workshop series to make informed career choices

When it comes to your career, wouldn’t you prefer making Informed decisions rather than await random chance? Come learn the INs and OUTs about possible careers to help you make the best Informed decision to steer your career path. This workshop series will feature professionals with a science or engineering background who will explain exactly what their profession entails.

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