Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In this course you will get to examine the path from discovery to market and understand important concepts that are encountered in the process, including issues of intellectual property, product development, company structure and decision making, marketing, and sales.

You are expected to gain basic skills related to entrepreneurship that will supplement knowledge gained in your individual disciplines to assist in the transition to a future career, whether working for yourself or for others. Some of the lectures will be given by guest speakers who are leading practitioners in industry. The course is broadly aimed at students from the sciences, social sciences and humanities, reflecting the roles that personnel of various backgrounds has in companies, or when freelancing.

Skill Building for the Next Generation of Innovators

This course is a prerequisite to IMC391/392, Exploring New Ventures, wherein a student participates in an internship program with a start-up company and gains hands on experience in how a company is built.

IMC200 is part of the Impact Centre’s education programs.

For the Arts and Science Calendar information about this course follow this link.

The course is offered in the Fall Term, on Tuesdays at 4 pm. Timetable information is at this link.

To see the course’s syllabus from previous years, follow this link.


Students interested in hands-on experience in a company setting might be interested in the companion internship course IMC391/392, Exploring New Ventures.

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