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The Impact Centre at the University of Toronto is an R&D institute that works with innovative UofT start-up companies, who are actively trying to commercialize university research to make these discoveries available to society. The Impact Centre also provides unique training opportunities and oversees large collaborative research projects.
Through our collaboration with the University of Oslo’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, students in the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship (Gründerskolen) have the opportunity to work with Toronto based startup companies on exciting projects and develop valuable entrepreneurial skills, as well as getting exposed to Canadian entrepreneurial culture.

The Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship (Gründerskolen) Program

(from the The Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship webpage)

The Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship was founded in 1999 by professor Nils D. Christophersen at the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo. The program started up in cooperation with Cornell University and the first year 6 IT students participated in the program in San Francisco. Since then the program has had a rapid growth and have the last years had approximately 150 students. . Our alumni network has more than 1500 alumnus and is by far the biggest network of its kind in Norway.

In 2007 the program received first price for ’Best quality in higher education’ by the Norwegian Ministry of education and research and in 2006 a price for ”best learning environment” at the University of Oslo.

Project descriptions

Students who are admitted to the Impact Centre’s Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship summer program should apply to work placements through our job board. The SFE Job Board can be found here. Available work placements will become available a few weeks before you arrive in Toronto. Once activated, you will be able to apply for the placements you are interested in, and will be interviewed after you arrive in Toronto.


How does it work?

  • Project descriptions are available on the job board (see link provided above).
  • Your application should include your resume and a short letter of interest.
  • You may submit any other information as PDF files. Be sure to only include PDF and no other file formats.
  • Interviews will be scheduled after your arrival in Toronto, and successful applicants will be matched with the company.

Gründerskolen FAQ

How many Gründerskolen projects can I apply to?

You may apply to any number of placements offered through our job board. However, you will only be interviewed with those companies that considered your application of interest for their needs.

When will I know my work placement?

Once interviews are completed, the program coordinator will match students based on their ranking with the companies.

Students will be informed by the end of that day, and will begin work the day after the interviews.

Questions regarding the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship at the Impact Centre should be directed to the Program Coordinator, Alon Eisenstein via

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