International Summer Entrepreneurship Academy

Do you want to develop an entrepreneurial thinking without becoming an entrepreneur?

International Summer Entrepreneurship Academy (ISEA)

Visit Toronto for a study abroad program and have the opportunity to gain hands-on entrepreneurial experience in the real Canadian startup ecosystem.

During the course to the summer, students participate in a range of immersive entrepreneurial activities through experiential learning.

This course spans all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship, to provide students with the skills to think like entrepreneurs and the tools to start their own enterprise.

Entrepreneurship in Toronto

Ranked as the most diverse city in the world, Toronto is also famous for its innovative culture! With a booming entrepreneurial eco-system, Toronto is a great location to learn and experience entrepreneurship hands-on!

Who is it for?

ISEA is offered to groups of post-secondary students outside the University of Toronto form any background and level


The course can be easily tailored to meet the time frame, level and needs of each group

UofT ranks #4 in the world for university business incubators

Toronto ranks #1 in Canada for startup ecosystem

Toronto ranks #11 in the world for startup ecosystem

I had the experience of being able to build something completely from scratch. It gives you some sense of ownership from the start, which makes you very enthusiastic.

Anja Bergersen

ISEA student, 2017

I would really recommend [it] to other students…think outside the box and relish the challenge. You feel so welcome here. There’s a lot of people you can learn from, there’s a lot of cultures you can be exposed to for inspiration, and by going a traditional route, you kind of miss out on a big opportunity to develop yourself and make something happen.

Anders Tveita

ISEA student, 2017

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