Industry Training Program

Market Discovery

Our programs in the area of market discovery help innovators understand their target customer in order to successfully launch new products or services. Individual programs include:


  • Using Design Thinking to Uncover New Business Opportunities
  • Assessing the Market Potential of New Products and Services
  • Crafting an Effective Value Proposition

Validating your Product Market Fit

After figuring out where their market is, innovators need to understand their product market fit and gain the tools necessary to get early validation that people are interested in what they are offering. Our programs in this area include:


  • Using the Business Model Canvas to understand your industry
  • Building Customer Awareness Through Marketing communications
  • Preparing to pitch to Prospects
  • Selling Innovative Products and Services
  • Negotiation

The Innovator as Leader

Technical professionals must also sell their ideas internally, to the very people they work with. This set of programs is designed to help them develop leadership skills to enhance their internal effectiveness:


  • Managing and Leading a Team
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Managing Your Time
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

Call us to talk about how we can customize a program to meet your specific needs.

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