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Innovation is about the translation of knowledge to create societal benefits. But how does this happen? The University of Toronto creates the largest pool of knowledge in Canada through world class and leading edge research. But the translation of that knowledge only happens if we have a skilled workforce ready to drive innovation.

Industry Training

Our industry training programs focus on helping technical professionals become successful innovators and leaders. These programs help them gain the soft skills that are essential to a productive career.


Undergraduate Courses

The Impact Centre’s undergraduate courses introduce students to innovation, entrepreneurship and research into specific technologies.


Work Integrated Learning

Building on our undergraduate courses, we offer a chance for students to experiment with innovation and entrepreneurship by getting involved with developing companies in our work integrated learning programs.


Extracurricular Training

The Impact Centre offers research and industry-relevant training for students at all levels. Our initiatives help undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to develop skills that are not part of the regular academic curriculum.


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