Impact Centre Process

Knowledge to Convert… research into real products

Our client promise is that we have the “Knowledge to Convert… research into real products”. We provide straightforward access to the brightest minds and emerging technologies and catalyze university research to create long-term impact.

We see our role in active technology development and delivery of research, but also in our ability to provide connections to the academic environment of the University. Our team is made up of experts with strong science backgrounds and active ties with the research community. We understand the academic mindset and how to create win-win situations for both industry clients and researchers.


Our operations are based on four steps:

Step 1: In our client briefing, we work to understand your need and evaluate how the Impact Centre can deliver the solution within your timeline and budget.

Step 2: We leverage our network to deliver on the project. We match the best talent, resources, and facilities with your needs and, where applicable, secure additional funds for the project.

Step 3: Throughout the project, we monitor progress and proactively manage resources to find the best R&D solution and in many cases find even further value for our industry clients.

Step 4: The project delivery and final discussion closes the cycle for the Impact Centre process. Click here to see examples of how we helped our clients gain long-term competitive and first-mover advantage in their industries.

Having trouble accessing the university?

The Impact Centre understands the culture and resources available in universities. We allow straightforward access into the research environment and provide value by involving appropriate academic partners and government funding agencies to ensure that every solution is delivered on time and on budget.

We allow straightforward access to the university

Throughout the project we manage our staff and participating researchers as they develop client-specific solutions. Our goal is to transfer research advances to companies and help them gain a competitive advantage without barriers.


We allow straightforward access to the university

We create a win-win situation for all stakeholders of a project

We are a catalyst, who is bringing together otherwise perceived incompatible elements of the innovation cycle. We create a mutual benefits for all stakeholders of a project, and release the latter upon completion without binding ties to the Impact Centre. We bring to the table what is needed when it is needed, and create value to all partners involved. In the end our goal is to bring science to society, to establish a vibrant ecosystem supporting innovation and technology, as easy and fast as possible. Our process is centred on four main milestones which build the basis of each project. When moving projects through the cycle, we continuously add and release resources as it becomes needed.

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