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Industry Partnership with Allanson International Inc.

Allanson International

Allanson International, based in Toronto, Canada is a leader in bringing technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions for customers in sign lighting, HVAC, and consumer packaged goods markets. Through its process management, manufacturing expertise, and technologies, Allanson has designed innovative electrical products since 1926.

The Impact Centre’s keen acumen to understand and respond to our technological challenges is unparalleled. With products already in the market, which have been developed in close cooperation with the Centre, we now consider their talented team our extended R&D arm. This is an ideal industry-academia collaboration that is mutually beneficial.

Faiek Dabiet

CTO, Allanson International

Encouraged by two successful projects with the Impact Centre and with a mutual understanding of team dynamics, Allanson now plans to embark on developing a unique product that involves application of nanomaterial coatings for various applications in lighting, display and other areas of interest.

By collaborating with the Impact Centre, Allanson International gained access to technical expertise that created a unique competitive advantage. The Impact Centre and Allanson worked together to successfully improve existing products and develop new, innovative products on industry timelines.

November 2011 – NSERC introduces Allanson International Inc to the Impact Centre


Mitigating cracking of glass windows in their lighting products targeted at restaurant fume hoods. The windows have to endure large external heat and humidity fluctuations.


The Impact Centre used a collaborative approach to solve Allanson’s problem. We carried out a 4-month research project, in which we involved mechanical engineers, optics experts and physicists to help understand the thermal processes in the light enclosure based on theoretical modeling of the system. Subsequently, Allanson used the knowledge provided to improve their product design.  Additionally, we also helped Allanson improve the energy efficiency through access to our advanced measurement tools.

Benefits to our Industry Client

  • Product with improved thermal and optical performance
  • Strong competitive advantage through Energy Star qualification
  • Timely solution to a critical problem delaying the product launch

June 2012 – Allanson initiates second collaborative project with the Impact Centre



Development of an energy efficient, high colour quality LED replacement for fluorescent backlit displays.



During the course of the above project, Allanson discussed its next project challenge with the Impact Centre.  Linear fluorescent tubes were the dominant technology for backlit signage.  Allanson decided to migrate to energy efficient LED technology, but did not have the necessary tools to create a uniform large area backlight.  Advanced photometric tools such as a Near Field Imaging System were used by optics specialists at the Impact Centre to help solve the issues related to uniformity and colour quality.  This project helped Allanson launch a series of products that can now been seen lighting up a variety of commercial signs.

Benefits to our Industry Client

  • Superior product through seamless collaboration with the Impact Centre team.
  • Strong competitive advantage through accelerated market entry.

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