Joint R&D

Collaborate with our staff scientists to conduct joint R&D, which can subsequently be deployed in commercial products. Our clients take advantage of our knowledge in a broad range of areas to meet their needs.

Product testing and measuring

We test and measure your new or existing products and devices to ensure specifications being met.

Electronic and mechanical prototyping

Let us help create a prototype for your new product or device. Our experts will work based on your design, help you modify it to achieve better performance, or even create a device filling your needs.

Proof of concept

The Impact Centre can be your partner for proof of concept experiments underlying new products and services.

Advanced problem solving

The Impact Centre is your partner to solve advanced problems in product development. We provide access to the necessary research and resources to provide innovative solutions to technical industry problems.

Innovation and technology development

We are technology development experts with an eye to the market. Our staff members have many years of experience in commercialization of research and can evaluate whether a technology is ready become a product innovation. Based on this knowledge we can help clients to invest to the right technologies for their future products.

Service contracts

In a service contract our staff scientists and technicians conduct a specific task for our industry clients, often leveraging our access into university facilities. A service contract often serves as a first point of contact in a new R&D partnership.

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