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Optics is a major enabling technology for industries. Manufacturing, aerospace, materials or biomedical –
whatever your industry may be, you will find increasing use of:

The Impact Centre is your valuable partner in optics. We can custom modify your laser, fine-tune your detector, or design complex optical systems for your experiments. This can truly transform the medium – light.


Examples of Applications

1. Optical Detection

From single photon detection to several kilojoules, we can measure it all. Our engineers design, package, and test single or array detectors of high efficiency and low noise quality at affordable prices.

  • High sensitivity detectors
  • Extended range
  • Single  photon detection
  • Radiometric detectors (deep UV, visible, and far IR)
  • Photometry
  • Spectral and imaging detectors

Prototype of fiber diffuser uniformity measurement system for photodynamic therapy 

2. Optical Sensors

Optics enables precise and quick measurements in a wide range of applications; from process control to medical diagnostics. Our engineers are well-versed in all aspects of optical sensing, from components and materials to data acquisition, analysis, and control.

  • Components
  • Subsystems
  • Holistic sensing approaches
  • Spectroscopy
  • Plasmonics
  • Diffractive optics
  • Fiber-based sensors
  • Integrated optics
  • Photolithography
  • E-beam lithography
  • Laser material processing
  • Thin-film characterization
  • Machine vision
  • Device packaging

3. Optical Modelling

We have capabilities in broad aspects of optical modelling. Our engineers have years of experience in research and related industry.

  • Imaging and illumination design
  • Code V, ASAP, ZEEMAX
  • Coherent beam modelling
  • 3D solid modelling
  • Optomechanical system design
  • Solid-state lighting design
  • Complete system modelling
  • Optical tolerances
  • Material specifications
  • Visualizations
Laser processing inside glass cube

Laser processing inside glass cube

Find out how can we assist in your next project or product development

The Impact Centre can work with you in several ways, including a research contract to solve an R&D problem, or through a collaborative partnership to develop your next product.

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