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Coatings are a cost-efficient way to modify the properties of a surface. The Impact Centre has developed a range of coatings that are easily applied to a variety of surfaces including plastics, glass and metals.

Our coatings are easily integrated with industrial processes such as spray-coating, dipping, or wiping.




Examples of Applications

1. Anti-reflection Coatings

Anti-reflection coatings improve the efficiency of light transfer through glass or transparent plastics. These coatings have many applications in optics such as telescopes and eye-glasses, and also in modern buildings.

Application Examples
 Window coatings

  • Increased heat-gain for cold climates
  • Less glare and sunlight reflection
 For LED Lighting

  • Less light is wasted through internal reflections
Benefits to Industry
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Minimize unwanted reflections
  • Lighting is more efficient
  • Sellers have a more competitive product

2. Self-cleaning Coatings

Many industrial products and processes function at their best efficiency when they are clean of contaminants such as dust and grime. We have developed a coating that minimizes the build-up of unwanted materials on surfaces.

Application Examples
 On solar panels

  • Prevents build-up of dust and grime
  • Achieves better energy conversion
Benefits to Industry
  • Better return on investment for PVCs and solar thermal
  • PVC suppliers have more specific products to take advantage of these materials

3. Catalytic Coatings

The Impact Centre has developed a proprietary technique for attaching active chemicals to otherwise inactive surfaces. Our staff scientists can work with your company to develop active, catalytic coatings to suit your needs.

Application Examples
 On buildings and highways

  • Removes select airborne pollutants
  • Reduces harmful chemicals from car exhaust
Benefits to Industry
 On buildings and highways

  • Higher value to property in high-traffic areas
  • Improved customer satisfaction/health
Could advanced materials and coatings help improve a product or process?
Do you have another application or challenge you would like to discuss?
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Our experts will work with you to develop coatings with specific properties suited to your needs.

Find out how our proprietary coating technologies can improve your materials, products, and overall processes.

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