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Practical implications of synthetic biology: more efficient or better controlled biosynthesis of fuels, plastics and chemicals; custom-made microbes for bioremediation and biosensing; or biological systems to reside inside the human body and fight diseases.
The Impact Centre at U of T is working with university researchers and private sector partners across Ontario to develop a vibrant Synthetic Biology Innovation Cluster (SYNBIO-IC). This initiative aims to accelerate the translation of new knowledge into commercially viable and socially relevant products.
Synthetic biology is an exciting new field that allows scientists to control the way cells behave. Researchers can create regulatory networks with tailored responses or rewire existing pathways in the cell, providing a more systematic approach to creating biological systems.
Synthetic biology is poised for growth. The global market is expected to reach nearly $39 billion by 2020, from $3 billion in 2013.

What can biology accomplish if we can fully harness its capabilities? Can we solve the grand challenges in global health, food, energy, and the environment?

Professor David McMillen

Faculty Lead, SynBio-IC

Connaught Summer Institute on Synthetic Biology

June 6 – 10, 2016
University of Toronto

Committee & Faculty Advisors

Prof. David McMillen, University of Toronto
Emina Veletanlic, Impact Centre, University of Toronto
Prof. Cynthia Goh, Impact Centre, University of Toronto
Prof. Brian Ingalls, University of Waterloo

We are actively seeking public and private sector partners. We are organizing a series of meetings to learn about one another’s capabilities, goals, and needs, so that opportunities to collaborate will emerge naturally as time goes on. The first academic-industrial workshop was held in February 2013 at the University of Toronto (with sponsorship from NSERC) and identified areas of mutual interest.

To learn more about partnerships or upcoming events, please contact:

David McMillen
Phone: (905) 828-5353
Email: david.mcmillen (at)

Stanley Wong
Phone: (416) 978-1457
Email: swong (at)

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