Techno alumni and Impact Centre resident companies Sojourn Labs and Enersion recently announced project funding from the BLOOM Centre‘s Clean Technology Demonstration Program. The program supports collaborative projects that involve cleantech companies partnered with end-users. This provides the companies an opportunity to demonstrate the viability of the company’s products or services, reduce the perceived risks of adopting cleantech solutions, and increase market demand for cleantech products.

Sojourn Labs is a transportation company redesigning the urban vehicle. The company’s Arc passenger vehicle is designed to fit the lifestyle and needs of people in dense urban cities. More efficient and compact than a conventional electric car, the Arc will deliver comfort, safety, and convenience. The company’s principle demonstration partner on the project is the University of Toronto Transportation Services. Over the duration of the project, transportation officers will use the Arc to travel across the sprawling downtown campus.

Enersion is a cooling company. Their adsorption chiller transforms waste heat into cooling without the use of environmentally harmful refrigerant. The product will be deployed at Canada15Edge Data Centers, a Toronto-based full-service data center, to cost-effectively use the low-grade residual heat generated by the IT equipment to provide the stringent 24/7 cooling needs of data centers while also reducing costs and carbon emissions.

The projects were two of the six recently announced by the BLOOM Centre as part of their Round Two Funded Projects.

You can learn more about the BLOOM Centre and the all of the funded projects at:

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