A high-precision motion sensing glove, a novel catalyst, and a drug testing platform that more closely resembles human tissue and blood are three of the technologies recently awarded Heffernan Commercialization Fellowships, and all of them have either previously participated in or are currently working with our Techno training program. Part of a $5 million gift to the University of Toronto by alumnus Gerald Heffernan, the fellowships provide each awardee $32,000 to support the translation of their research into viable businesses. Techno gives these young entrepreneurs the fundamental business training they need to ensure their technologies make the transition from science to society.

BreqLabDr. Martin Labrecque of BreqLabs participated in Techno2011 to commercialize a novel sensor glove device that can track hand movements very accurately and at high speed. This technology will help enhance the computer gaming experience and training tools, provide hands-free computer access and simulators, or assist people with pain or mobility limitations.

ruthenika_webDr. Adam McKinty of Ruthenika participated in Techno2013, and his company provides catalyst technologies for olefin metathesis that streamline chemical synthesis, in turn curbing costs and environmental impact in a variety of industrial processes, including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, biofuels, and plastics.

rheoOleg Chebotarev participated in Techno2014 and is developing a three-dimensional subculture research tool for human tissues and blood flow that he believes can help pharmaceutical companies screen potential drug candidates.

The full story on the Fellowships is available on the University of Toronto website. Be on the lookout for more interesting developments from these entrepreneurs!

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