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The Impact Centre’s internal staff is dedicated to using their expertise to improve health, education, safety and productivity around the world. Here are some projects we are working on.

Lighting Up the World

For the 1.2 billion people on Earth without electricity, darkness is a reality. The Impact Centre is developing and deploying a simple solar-powered overhead light to improve the safety, education and productivity of communities around the world. Initial tests have been completed in the Philippines and engineers are designing the second generation of the fixture.

Science Education Apps

The classroom has left the building. With smartphones becoming ubiquitous, interest in apps that support education has ballooned. Leveraging the Impact Centre’s foundation in the physical sciences, it has led the creation of 12 smartphone apps that support post-secondary chemistry education.

Rice Bran Fortified Snacks

Across the Philippines, a country of almost 100 million people, malnutrition is far too common. The Impact Centre has created and tested different forms of everyday snacks supplemented with rice bran, a common by-product of rice production and rich in iron. These snacks can be sold through existing street-side stores to reduce iron deficiency in both children and adults.

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