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SETSI application deadline has been EXTENDED to May 1.

Please read carefully the instructions below.

What relevant experience do you have?

How will you answer experience related questions during your next job interview if you don’t have any experience to speak of?

Get the EXPERIENCE you NEED, and enjoy working with the next exciting start-ups out of UofT.

The Science Engineering Technology Summer Internship (SETSI) gives undergraduate science and engineering students – in any discipline – the opportunity to work with innovative UofT start-up companies. Students will work with young start-up companies. Doing so will allow you to develop valuable R&D skills and to be exposed to the inner working of companies. The minimum amount of time is 20 hours/week and the projects run during the summer term.

For engineering students: The work can be counted towards your 600 hours of work experience required to graduate.

How to apply?

  1. Students who are interested in participating in SETSI should email the internship coordinator and include a proof of currently being in their 2nd year of their studies. Please send unofficial transcript as a pdf file, sent from your utoronto email address.
  2. Register as an applicant on the job board, found here: sure to use your utoronto email address for registration.
  3. Once your account is activated, you may apply to any of the listed jobs you are interested in under the SETSI category. Jobs will become active starting April 6, 2017. Application deadline is April 21, 2017.
  4. The companies you applied to will only contact those applicants they deem compatible with their needs to schedule an interview.
  5. Successful applicants will receive an internship offer with the company.
  6. Once you receive internship offers, it is your decision which offer to accept.
  7. Once you accept an internship offer, you must sign and submit a signed Letter of Offer from the company to the internship coordinator at
  8. You will be provided with an Internship Agreement which you will need to sign and return to the internship coordinator.
  9. Before you begin your work with the company, you will need to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the company.


  • Applicants must be finishing their 2nd year in Natural, Applied or Social science or Engineering program.
  • Each student must keep a journal recording meetings, progress, what was learned about the project in particular and the nature of research in general.
  • Students must meet at least bi-monthly with their supervisors and record the dates and times of these meetings in their journal.
  • Students will be registered and are required to attend the Research Readiness Program before beginning their work placements.
  • Students will attend any demonstrations, orientations, etc. that the supervisor may require.
  • A certificate describing the students’ contribution to the project and certifying their work experience will be awarded upon completion of the program.

Science Engineering Technology Summer Internship FAQ

Why wasn't my account activated?

To have your account activated, you must send proof of your current year of study using the SAME utoronto email address you used to register your account.

If you used two different email addresses, one for registration and one to send your transcript, it may delay your activation.

Why was my account deleted?

If supporting documents as proof for meeting requirements are not provided within a few days, the account will be deleted to avoid overloading our system.

To avoid this from occurring, make sure you register as well as send your unofficial transcripts using your utoronto email address, and complete both actions within the same day.

How many SETSI projects can I apply to?

Applications are limited to a maximum of FOUR. Please remember, however, that you can ONLY enroll in ONE SETSI project. DO NOT sign contracts for more than one SETSI project. You may prevent another student from getting a placement by trying to accept more than one.

How long does the process take?

Once you apply for a position, the company is notified and will choose whether your application meets their needs. They will then contact you for an interview. Depending on the amount of applications received by the company, this may take several weeks.

All internships begin in the first week of the summer term, and will be finalized by May 2.

Will my marks play a role?

Possibly (where marks are available) – this will depend on the company.

How can I increase my chances for getting one of the SETSI positions?

Make sure to create a good quality resume emphasizing your skills. It is strongly recommended that you attach an academic resume to your application, along with any other pertinent information that may help your application.

Do a good research on the company you are applying for. This will not only help you tailor your application to thier needs, but will also demonstrate how motivated you are about working with them. 

How will I know I am officially accepted?

The company will provide you with a letter of offer for the internship. The IMC office will ratify your acceptance.

The SETSI: Want more information? Contact the SETSI Program Coordinator, Alon Eisenstein.

Question regarding the SETSI program

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