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Finding your first job after graduation will require more than your GPA score. It will require you to have experience and accomplishments.

  • IMC39X, Exploring New Ventures is a course-based internship that provides students the opportunity to gain experience and have meaningful accomplishments, while working with an early stage start-up company affiliated with U of T. At the same time students are earning an academic credit (IMC391 earns 0.5 credit and IMC392 earns 1.0 credit).
  • The Science Engineering Technology Summer Internship (SETSI) is a co-corricular approved internship program that gives undergraduate science and engineering students – in any discipline – the opportunity to work with innovative UofT start-up companies.


Through the Impact Centre’s courses I am gathering ideas and knowledge to better shape my future.

Kinnari Maniar

IMC390 ’14-’15, Lumentra

Not only has the internship given me the chance to pursue alternate interests of mine, it has allowed me to develop skills that I wouldn’t have been able to develop by taking ordinary life sciences courses.

As a science student, I’ve been able to expand my horizons and gain experience outside of my direct field of study.

Katherine King

IMC390 Summer ’16, Comfable

My roles have included market research, sales lead generation, updating our website, and content development.

First, every step of a project should be action-oriented, because there is no use in planning and research without feasible outcomes. Secondly, I’ve learned that partnerships are invaluable, and when managed well, can be the best catalysts for progress.

Arya Abdool

IMC390 ’14-’15, MultiMension

The internship has provided me with an experience that has helped me make crucial decisions about my long-term plans. Working in a start up environment has provided me with the knowledge of its functionality and requirements for the success of a start up.  I have been exposed to skills that are required to navigate the corporate world. The internship has guided me through every aspect of the start up environment and will help me apply my knowledge in equity and investment research

Shankar Krishna

IMC390 Student Summer ’15, Oxalys Pharma

Thus, I am so thankful and blessed to have an amazing opportunity to work for AllergenFree and partner with the Impact Centre.

Rachel Choi

IMC390 Student Summer ’15, AllergenFree

This work experience over the past summer has been eye opening and valuable to my future plans.

May Megahed

IMC390 Student Summer ’15, Adrenalease Inc.

The internship has provided me with a degree of insight regarding what one should seriously consider before taking the entrepreneurial route.

Cody Rosevear

IMC390 Student Summer ’15, Oxalys Pharma

The internship experience was unique, and it has also allowed me to develop my communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. I believe that the learning that I have gained will stay with me for long time, and I will be leveraging it to build myself a successful career plan.

Scott Shin

IMC390 Student Summer ’15, Pueblo Science

It has inspired me to keep exploring other sectors of the industry, and short-term goals of pursuing positions in other star-up companies.

Kanika Singhal

IMC390 Student Summer ’15, Echofos Medical

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