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Finding your first job after graduation will require more than your GPA score. It will require you to have experience and accomplishments.

IMC390, Internships in New Ventures is a course-based internship that provides students the opportunity to gain experience and have meaningful accomplishments, while working with an early stage start-up company affiliated with U of T. At the same time students are earning a full credit.

This is a companion course to IMC200, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The prerequisites for IMC390 are completing either IMC200 or RSM100 as well as having a 3rd year standing. Under exceptional circumstances, students will be considered who are registered in IMC200 at the same time.

Students with equivalent experience may also be considered. Please contact to make a request.



The internships run from September 14th to April 8th (the course is also offered in the summer and the relevant dates will be posted closer to the start of the summer term). Students who take this course are expected to work an average of 10 hours/week. This will include the following components:

  • Working with the start-up company on its effort to bring their technology to market (average of 9 hours/week).
  • Monthly workshops that will cover topics related to start-ups and entrepreneurship. Workshops are held Fridays 3-5pm. These workshops will include active participation exercises (2 hour/biweekly).
  • Regular 1-on-1 bi-monthly meetings with the internship coordinator to report progress (30 min/bi-month).

The course is Pass/Fail.

In order to pass, you will need to earn at least 50% for each of the following components of the mark:

  • In-class exercises
  • Final oral presentation
  • Final written report
  • Work assessment by the company’s supervisor

Course Registration

Due to the nature of the course, students are only allowed to register for the course after they have secured an internship position with one of the participating companies (see ‘How It Works?’ below)


How it works?

  1. Students who are interested in taking IMC390 should email the internship coordinator and include a proof of meeting the prerequisites (this can be a screenshot of your transcript which will include the relevant course, together with your personal information).
  2. If you meet the course’s prerequisites, you will be provided a link to the course’s job board. The job board will become available starting July 6, 2015.
  3. You will need to register as an applicant, and apply to any of the listed jobs you are interested in. Application deadline is September 7, 2015.
  4. The companies you applied to will only contact those applicants they deem compatible with their needs.
  5. Those contacted by the companies will need to schedule an interview.
  6. Successful applicants will receive an internship offer with the company.
  7. Once you receive internship offers, it is your decision which offer to accept.
  8. Once you accept an internship offer, you must inform the internship coordinator at and include the name of the company you have chosen.
  9. You will be provided with an Internship Agreement which you will need to sign and return to the internship coordinator.
  10. The Impact Centre will process the course registration on ROSI. Please note that we can only register you for the course if your course load has an available 1 course credit.
  11. Before you begin your work with the company, you will need to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the company.
  12. Once the course starts (see start date above), you will determine your work schedule with your company supervisor.
  13. At the end of the course (see final date above) you will need to deliver an oral presentation as well as submit a written report.

The internship has provided me with an experience that has helped me make crucial decisions about my long-term plans. Working in a start up environment has provided me with the knowledge of its functionality and requirements for the success of a start up.  I have been exposed to skills that are required to navigate the corporate world. The internship has guided me through every aspect of the start up environment and will help me apply my knowledge in equity and investment research

Shankar Krishna

IMC390 Student Summer '15, Oxalys Pharma

Thus, I am so thankful and blessed to have an amazing opportunity to work for AllergenFree and partner with the Impact Centre.

Rachel Choi

IMC390 Student Summer '15, AllergenFree

This experience has definitely gotten me a lot more prepared for the working world, both academically and mentally.

Daanish Khader

IMC390 Student Summer '15, Oncoustics

This work experience over the past summer has been eye opening and valuable to my future plans.

May Megahed

IMC390 Student Summer '15, Adrenalease Inc.

It has inspired me to keep exploring other sectors of the industry, and short-term goals of pursuing positions in other star-up companies.

Kanika Singhal

IMC390 Student Summer '15, Echofos Medical

The internship has provided me with a degree of insight regarding what one should seriously consider before taking the entrepreneurial route.

Cody Rosevear

IMC390 Student Summer '15, Oxalys Pharma

These past couple of months in a start-up environment have opened my eyes to what it is like to become an owner of a small business and given me a taste of what may be to come.

Derek Leung

IMC390 Student Summer '15, AllergenFree

The internship experience was unique, and it has also allowed me to develop my communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. I believe that the learning that I have gained will stay with me for long time, and I will be leveraging it to build myself a successful career plan.

Scott Shin

IMC390 Student Summer '15, Pueblo Science

My roles have included market research, sales lead generation, updating our website, and content development.

First, every step of a project should be action-oriented, because there is no use in planning and research without feasible outcomes. Secondly, I’ve learned that partnerships are invaluable, and when managed well, can be the best catalysts for progress.

Arya Abdool

IMC390 '14-'15, MultiMension

IMC390 gave me the opportunity to work with an innovative company served by a highly dedicated team. It served as an incubator for developing my marketing and HR skills. Start-Ups companies differ from already thriving businesses as one gets to touch base in different business areas and get an inside look on how a business functions as a whole. It’s a rare opportunity as I got to learn the struggles and amount of effort it takes to start a business. My internship at PathCore Inc. equipped me with the tools to further achieve my career goals.

Stephenny Ng

IMC390 Summer'14, Pathcore

I loved participating in IMC39O. It provided the perfect opportunity to implement all the knowledge learnt in IMC2OO and other academic courses. It really helped me improve my communication, presentation and organization skills. It is difficult to gain practical, real world experience while in undergrad, but this course was the perfect avenue for that! Most importantly, it has made me more confident in my abilities.

Zoya Ajani

IMC390 Student ’13-’14

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