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UpdateCiência sem Fronteiras is currently not offered. Should this program become available, updated will be made.

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The Impact Centre at the University of Toronto is an R&D institute that works with innovative UofT start-up companies, who are actively trying to commercialize university research to make these discoveries available to society. The Impact Centre also provides unique training opportunities and oversees large collaborative research projects.
Through our program for Ciência sem Fronteiras, IMC:CsF, students in the science and engineering fields have the opportunity to work with the Impact Centre on these exciting projects and develop valuable R&D skills, as well as getting exposed to the inner working of companies. Participants of the IMC:CsF will also benefit our specialized research and entrepreneurship skills training programs.

Ciência Sem Fronteiras (CsF) Program

(from the Centre for International Experience webpage)

The Brazilian Government launched the Ciência Sem Fronteiras (CsF) Program (formerly Science without Borders) in 2012 to encourage Brazilian university students to study in foreign countries. The funding agency hopes to award more than 100,000 scholarships over 4 years to talented undergraduate and graduate students in the STEM fields. The Program is a joint initiative of Brazil’s Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The University of Toronto is proud to host Brazilian students from the CsF program. The Centre for International Experience (CIE) coordinates the program and is the primary contact for all CsF students. CsF students are admitted to one of three campuses at the University: St. George, Mississauga (UTM), or Scarborough (UTSC).

The Impact Centre provided me a complete experience in the entrepreneurship world.  The creative ambient installed in the Impact Centre certainly made me change my mind about the how companies are created.

Giancarlo Gabriel Germini Pereira

CsF Student 2015, iMerciv

I learned many things about myself and my career path. I experienced how a startup environment is and what are the challenges involved. As a result, I have a better idea of what to expect if I decide to open my own startup. I also learned various fascinating things about electronics, and it made me interested in this particular field of engineering.

Barbara Morais Gianesini

CsF Student 2015, iMerciv

Project descriptions

The CsF Job Board is now accessible through the UofT Portal (Blackboard) :   You can login through your UTORID and password.   To Access:  please go to the ‘community’ tab/area and you will find a page called:    ‘International Visiting Student.’  If you require access, please email Yoko Maliszewski


How does it work?

  • Project descriptions are available on the Portal (see link provided above).
  • Your application should include your resume and a short letter of interest,
  • You may submit any other information as PDF files. Be sure to only include PDF and no other file formats.
  • Submit your applications to
  • Students are strongly encouraged to apply by Monday, February 15, 2016.
  • You will be considered and contacted for an interview by March 1st, 2016. If you are accepted, you will have to sign an agreement with the supervisor leading the project.
  • The project begins on May 2nd and will run for 14-16 weeks, finishing no later than August 26th.
  • Interns are expected to work 35 hours/week.

Depending on the nature of the specific job, students will be required to participate in either the Research Readiness Program or the Entrepreneurship Skills Program.


CsF Requirements

  • Each student must keep a journal recording meetings, progress, what was learned about the project in particular and the nature of research in general.
  • Students must meet at least bi-monthly with their supervisors and record the dates and times of these meetings in their journal.
  • Students will be registered and required to attend either the Research Readiness Program or the Entrepreneurship Skills Program of the Institute.
  • Students will attend any demonstrations, orientations, etc. that the supervisor may require.
  • A certificate describing the students’ contribution to the project and certifying their work experience will be awarded upon completion of the program.

Ciência sem Fronteiras FAQ

How many CsF projects can I apply to?

Applications are limited to a maximum of FOUR. Please remember, however, that you can ONLY enroll in ONE CsF project. DO NOT sign contracts for more than one CsF project. You may prevent another student from getting a placement by trying to accept more than one.

Does it help to get my application in before the deadline?

No. We are holding all applications and sending them all at once to the instructors, rather than as we receive them.

How long does the process take?

Deadline for submission of applications is in the end of February. The applications will be sent to all instructors after that. Instructors will have two/three weeks to make their selection. They might do this by interviews, phone calls, or e-mail – it is up to each instructor to choose a method.

How can I increase my chances for getting one of the CsF positions?

Fill out your application carefully. It is strongly recommended that you attach an academic resume to your application, along with any other pertinent information that may help your application.

How will I know I am officially accepted?

The instructor will sign a contract with you. The IMC office will confirm your acceptance by letter after you have signed the contract.

General questions regarding the CsF program at the University of Toronto should be referred to the Centre for International Experience.

Specific questions regarding the CsF with the Impact Centre: Want more information? Contact the CsF Program Coordinator, Alon Eisenstein via

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