The Impact Centre is working with, a leading Chinese investment platform, to strengthen the connections between businesses in Canada and China. Over the next five years, the Impact Centre and will establish and run a soft landing facility and program for innovative technology companies who are interested in investment, setting up overseas operations, or selling to the Chinese market.

“There are significant opportunities in China for innovative Canadian businesses,” said Impact Centre director Prof. Cynthia Goh. “But navigating and making connections in the Chinese business landscape can be challenging for companies to do on their own. By connecting with our program companies will be able to hit the ground running when looking for development, manufacturing, distributing or marketing partners.”

The program will be based in Nanjing and will provide technology, legal, marketing and other services to selected companies with a focus on companies developing physical technology products. In addition, the Impact Centre will run entrepreneurship training programs for local Chinese students, researchers, and startups.

“The interest in technology entrepreneurship in China is growing at an incredible pace,” said Dr. James Li, project manager at the Impact Centre who has been involved in developing the program. “Our unique hands-on program and experience running entrepreneurship training both in Canada and internationally will provide a unique opportunity for Chinese technology entrepreneurs.”

“The partnership between and the Impact Centre builds a bridge between China’s investment capital and market and the advanced technologies from the Impact Centre and across Canada,” says Mr. Chuan Feng, the general manager of “Our efforts will strengthen the co-operation between Canada and China. Not only will more people in China enjoy the benefit of innovative Canadian products and services, we will also educate Chinese universities and students about technology transfer and company incubation so they can develop their own innovative startups.”

This program expands on the Impact Centre’s international focus. Supporting over 35 collaborations in 13 countries, from developing a solar lamp for rural areas in the Philippines to entrepreneurship training programs in Brazil, the Impact Centre is a global-first organization. The addition of this soft-landing program helps cement the Impact Centre’s position in China and will provide opportunities for all of our partners.