You know the science, now bring it to the world.

Techno is an elite entrepreneurship training program for the top science and engineering students and recent graduates who want to create high-impact technology-based startups. As a scientists or engineer, you are the experts in your field, but aren’t trained to create healthy and scalable businesses. We give you the skills to start and grow a business to bring your science to society.

Don’t just sit there, get building!

Techno takes you out of the lab with hands-on training in business skills. Learn how to:
  • Transform your science and technology into a product
  • Protect your technology with effective patent and trademark strategies
  • Research potential markets to understand customer’s behaviour
  • Find the right market fit for your product
  • Talk to potential customers
  • Identify competitors
  • Build business development and negotiation skills
  • Build and test your business model
  • Learn how to pitch your vision

Starting is hard. But growing is harder.

Our research shows that Canada produces a lot of startups but they don’t grow into global players. After Techno, become a Techno Fellow to support your company’s growth with office and lab workspace, prototyping equipment, mentorship services, assistance in raising company funds, and year-round training seminars.

See your science and technology having an impact. Create a team that can realize your vision. Build a business that can compete globally.

Join the 130 teams and 88 companies from across Canada and around the world who have worked with Techno since 2010. Apply today!