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IMC-Techno1Techno was created in 2010 as a program for science and engineering (post/graduate) students who want to create technology-based companies. Researchers are experts in their science but lack knowledge in many areas that are important for creating healthy and profitable businesses, such as issues of intellectual property, negotiation strategy, market intelligence and others, because these are not taught in conventional academic courses.

We introduced different training programs lead by our flagship Techno, in which participants build real companies. Through Techno we provide a solid foundation for students to become successful company leaders and job creators in Ontario. We help them realize their and our goal: to bring science to society.

 Techno Program


Techno Summer program (Five full-day sessions) runs in June.

Application for Techno program is open year around.



Space is limited; selection will be based on team interviews. Interviews and admission decisions will start as soon as applications arrive, so early applications are encouraged.

Techno Application

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Mini Techno

Our mini Techno program is a mobile 1-day comprehensive introduction into Techno and the services provided for entrepreneurs through the Impact Centre. We are looking forward to discuss opportunities to bring mini Techno to your university, institute or place. Contact us for more information.

Techno Graduates become Impact Centre Fellow and are eligible for our Business à la Carte program, supporting long term business growth.

Are you interested in becoming an Impact Centre Fellow, or want to lead an Impact Centre Company?

Apply for the next Techno workshop!

Techno truly homes in on the things that are most important for new entrepreneurs. The team has built a network and environment that fosters entrepreneurship and provides the resources we need to succeed. Aliasgar Morbi, PhD

GaitTronics (Techno2012)

We chose Techno for three reasons that aligned with our company beliefs: their proactive approach to creating value for society, their cross-disciplinary methods, and their active networking within technology and entrepreneurship. They have been a tremendous support on all accounts. Kalin Ovtcharov

CEO, Enceladus Imaging

iMerciv Inc. would not be where we are today without the help of Impact Centre. From the Techno Training program that initiated our venture to the continued mentorship and support the staff have provided us, the Impact Centre has allowed us to grow as entrepreneurs The Impact Centre provides a platform to turn creative ideas into real impactful businesses. Arjun Mali

CFO, iMerciv

The Impact Centre nurtures entrepreneurship through its community, Techno bootcamp, and ongoing mentorship and workshops.  Together, this creates the foundation from which sustainable companies can be built. Ryan Doherty

President & Co-Founder,