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We forge links between the disciplines of science and business to spark a meaningful discussion around how innovation actually happens, and how it is studied and measured. The more we understand what works on the ground, the more effective we can be in the implementation of programs centered on science and technology.

Canada’s Patent Puzzle

The prevalent Canadian narrative is that as a country, we struggle to compete in the global innovation economy. One metric that is often cited as proof of this is the number of patents we are granted in comparison with other advanced countries. In this Brief, we have...

Canadian Tech Tortoises

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many Canadian technology companies wait until their products are completed before raising and spending funds on crucial functions, including marketing and sales (M&S) and that this practice is delaying success in raising funding.

The goal of this study was to determine whether Canadian technology startups do in fact delay funding M&S activities. To this end, we looked at job classifications of employees at over 900 private Canadian technology companies that had received external investments. What we found was that in the startup phase Canadian firms have significantly fewer employees than US firms do. Even among the best-funded firms, Canadians have 25% fewer M&S employees than US based Unicorns do.

Beyond Lighting

Over the past decades, light has diagnosed disease, enabled digital communication through fiber optics, and generated power through solar panels. Most recently, advances in solid-state lighting have transformed the most commonplace source of light: the lightbulb. The...

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