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We forge links between the disciplines of science and business to spark a meaningful discussion around how innovation actually happens, and how it is studied and measured. The more we understand what works on the ground, the more effective we can be in the implementation of programs centered on science and technology.

Great Expectations

Every year entrepreneurs across Canada set out to raise capital, capturing their vision and optimism for their ventures in the form of business plans and financial forecasts that are eventually presented to venture capitalists (VCs). Because you don’t get...

The Rich Get Richer

Canadian VC deal sizes continue to lag those in other countries. Canadian venture capitalists invested $3.2 billion CDN in 530 deals for an average deal size of $4.9 million US in 2016. Meanwhile, American VCs invested $69.1 billion in 8,136 deals for an average deal...

Work integrated learning in the spotlight

by Alon Eisenstein The role and importance of higher education has never been so pivotal for society and the economy. Industries are evolving at an ever-increasing pace, and the uncertainty surrounding the future of work is creating a sense of urgency and anxiety. In...

Harnessing biology for medicine and the environment

by Scott McAuley Cells may be small, but new science and technology across the biological sciences are having a global impact. Innovations in synthetic biology, the microbiome, and regenerative medicine are creating new opportunities across medicine, chemical...

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