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We forge links between the disciplines of science and business to spark a meaningful discussion around how innovation actually happens, and how it is studied and measured. The more we understand what works on the ground, the more effective we can be in the implementation of programs centered on science and technology.

Creating World-Class Companies

One reason that Canadian companies fail to become world-class is that we aren’t starting the right types of companies. The world’s leading research-intensive companies operate in four major markets: life sciences, automotive, hardware and electronics, and software. And almost all of the leading companies in these fields serve either consumers or a combination of consumers and businesses.

But Canada is not known for its ability to create and grow companies that serve consumers. If we want to create world-class companies we need to create them in world-class markets and these are predominantly consumer markets.

Career Fair 101

by Alon Eisenstein It's career fair season, so once again I got to put on my jacket, grab a stack of business cards and head to talk to students, new graduates, and recruiters. The room is filled with excitement, company reps hoping to find their next superstar...

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