Kinetica signs agreement with Chinese strategic partner

Kinetica, an alumnus of the Impact Centre’s Techno program, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Shanghai Lead Dynamic Engineering to actively promote and expand the Chinese market of Kinetica’s VCD technology for high-rise buildings over the next three... read more

Professor Lorne Whitehead speaks on innovation and impact

On October 29, the Impact Centre hosted Dr. Lorne Whitehead as the inaugural Distinguished Visiting Entrepreneur (DVE) during the final event of our UNESCO International Year of Light (IYL) series. Dr. Whitehead, the 3M/NSERC Chair of Applied Physics at the University... read more

Company Highlight – Illuster Technologies

Before participating in Techno2014, Illuster Technologies already had a product and a big first customer. The company helps students learn electronics in a modern way, allowing them to learn the content in a more contemporary context with more focus on design, which... read more

Pueblo Science hosts events across Toronto and Saskatoon

The past several weeks have been very busy for Pueblo Science and its volunteers as they attended and organized a series of events in Saskatoon and across Toronto. Pueblo Science is an Impact Centre-based charity that is working to advance science education around the... read more

Company Spotlight: Comfable Inc.

From wet Vancouver to freezing Québec city, Canada’s diverse climate is source of constant wonder and frustration. In 2015, Neda Ghazi and Alireza Monam founded Comfable to apply their PhD research and passion for urban climate, landscape, and energy efficiency into... read more


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The Impact Centre not only provides us a physical space and equipment to work, but also they provide us professional advice. They are the first people we share our achievements and failures. We feel more confident since we know there are people at the Impact Centre that we can trust them and ask for support.

Neda Ghazi

Research Director, Comfable

The Impact Centre has helped me bring the idea of creating a company into a reality. I couldn’t have made it this far without them!

Adam M. McKinty

President, Ruthenika Inc.