WHAT’S HAPPENING and Adrenalease Posture Performance Shirt giveaway

Two Impact Centre companies, and Adrenalease, have partered for a mid-summer giveaway of Adrenalease’s Posture Performance Shirt. The Posture Performance Shirt was created to help wearers improve their posture and performance. It has been designed to... read more

Are patents useful to academic startups?

On the 225th anniversary of the first U.S. patent our director Prof. Cynthia Goh and Scott McAuley published an article in The Conversation discussing the value of patents for academic startups. They argue that effective intellectual property protection requires a... read more

Impact Centre promotes academic entrepreneurship in Brazil

Members of the Impact Centre team recently traveled to Brazil to lead a two-day workshop on innovation and entrepreneurship in biotechnology hosted by UNESP in São Paulo. The 75 attendees brainstormed ideas for new products and services and learned fundamentals of... read more

Atomwise featured in The Globe and Mail

mpact Centre company Atomwise (formerly Chematria) was recently featured in The Globe and Mail for their drug discovery software platform. Highlighting the high cost of drug development and the potential to repurpose existing drugs, the company has been able to... read more


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The Impact Centre not only provides us a physical space and equipment to work, but also they provide us professional advice. They are the first people we share our achievements and failures. We feel more confident since we know there are people at the Impact Centre that we can trust them and ask for support.

Neda Ghazi

Research Director, Comfable

The Impact Centre has helped me bring the idea of creating a company into a reality. I couldn’t have made it this far without them!

Adam M. McKinty

President, Ruthenika Inc.