Entrepreneurship 100: Conversations

Entrepreneurship isn’t about sitting back and watching TED talks. It’s about putting yourself out there and getting it done. Join our interactive conversations to learn about transforming ideas into successful businesses and who can help you along the way.

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Science to Society

We believe that science is the foundation for a better quality of life.

Our vision is to be a place where you can connect with exceptional research, talent, training, innovative companies, and government to create products and services that benefit society.

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Advancing Industry Innovation

We leverage the expertise and resources of universities to create real products and solutions for our clients. Our core competencies are in the natural sciences and engineering.

We catalyze university research to create long-term impact for our industry clients. We accelerate research to market!


Enabling Student Startups

The Impact Centre nurtures the creation and growth of student-led start-ups that are developing innovative products and services rooted in the natural sciences and engineering.

We provide training to help graduate students, recent graduates, and researchers transform their discoveries into real products and services that benefit society.

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Training Innovators and Entrepreneurs

The Impact Centre offers research and industry-relevant training for professionals and students at all levels. We deliver speeches, workshops, undergraduate courses, and coordinate internship placements.

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Discover Innovation

Forging links between the disciplines of science and business to spark a meaningful discussion around how innovation actually happens. Discover the latest research, opinions and community news.

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Canada’s Venture Capital Puzzle

The lack of venture capital in Canada has been denounced consistently in studies and think tank reports, and by the media, entrepreneurs, and even venture capitalists themselves. But while the general consensus is that Canada does not have enough venture capital, we somehow manage to rank #4 in the sale of technology companies.
How can we have too little venture capital funding but be so successful at selling companies? The answer lies in how we are funding companies and what stages we are able to fund.

Vive Crop Protection media watch

With the availability of its AZteroid, Bifender, and Fenstro products, Vive Crop Protection has been getting some great attention in the agricultural press. AgroNews recently published an interview with CCO and co-founder Dr. Darren Anderson about the company’s...

Science, engineering and commercialization experts

Transforming research into real products and industry solutions

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The Impact Centre not only provides us a physical space and equipment to work, but also they provide us professional advice. They are the first people we share our achievements and failures. We feel more confident since we know there are people at the Impact Centre that we can trust them and ask for support.

Neda Ghazi

Research Director, Comfable